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Nutrition education

PCC’s nutrition educators reach out to established organizations working to promote healthy food choices and sustainable food systems in Western Washington.

Examples include: schools, worksites, professional conferences/workshops, support groups, senior centers, home school groups, TV and radio programming, and other established community groups.

To contact our nutrition education team to find out if we are able to come out to your event, send an email to

Ask the Nutritionist

We offer an "Ask the Nutritionist" link on our website where you can submit a question on a food or nutrition topic.

Responses to these questions are often posted online, or printed in one of PCC’s publications (Taste, Sound Consumer). Even if the question is not posted online, you still will get a response.

Send your nutrition questions to

Our nutrition education team also creates a monthly podcast to discuss nutrition issues. This podcast is available on our website, and you also can subscribe to it through iTunes.

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