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How does PCC's Scrip program work?

PCC Scrip card

Who is eligible to participate?

Any school or nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) status can become a scrip participant by registering with PCC. And, any supporter of a registered school or nonprofit can raise funds for their organization by purchasing a rechargeable scrip card and using it like a gift card when they shop at PCC.

How does it work?

Your organization can purchase cards at 95 percent of the full value, which you will sell to participants/supporters for full value, earning five percent of that purchase.

Your participants can now spend the money they paid for their scrip cards at all PCC stores and then continue to use their cards by recharging them with money each time they shop.

Recharge transactions made on these cards are tracked by PCC. Twice a year, your organization receives a check for five percent of those recharges.

Are there order limits for scrip?

Any scrip order from a registered organization must be at least $500. Cards must be ordered in increments of 10. Cards must be loaded with the same dollar value. For example: 50 scrip cards @ $10 each = $500 minimum order.

We strongly recommend that you order more scrip cards than you currently need to ensure an adequate supply for future participants.

How do supporters recharge their scrip cards?

Supporters, at any time, can recharge their cards online or at the registers in a quick, simple transaction at any PCC location, for any amount between $50 and $1,000. Five percent of all your scrip card recharges are rebated to your organization.

Can supporters check their scrip card balances?

Yes, supporters can ask for their balance at any PCC checkstand, view it online or scan the back of their scrip card with a mobile device.

How are scrip funds distributed?

Your funds will be issued by check, made out to your organization, twice a year in May and December. Detailed reports are available upon request.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy. Register online or contact the PCC Scrip Coordinator at or 206-547-1222.

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