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Processed food ingredients

These ingredients are likely to be genetically engineered, if not declared non-GMO.

Corn ingredients

Corn flour, corn meal, corn syrup, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, sorbitol, malt, malt syrup, malt extract, dextrin, maltodextrin, mono- and diglycerides, some baking powders (cornstarch often is added as a filler), food starch, starch, modified food starch, confectioners’ sugar, monosodium glutamate, and vitamins that do not state "corn-free".

Soy ingredients

Soy drinks, soy sauce, shoyu, tamari, teriyaki marinades, tempeh, tofu, miso (except garbanzo miso), soy protein isolate and protein isolate, textured vegetable protein, and lecithin.

GE sugar

If an ingredient list says “sugar” and not “cane sugar,” it’s likely to be made from genetically engineered sugar beets. U.S. companies, such as Hershey’s, already label their “Made in the USA” products with GE sugar for foreign markets.


The Cheerios’ label also doesn’t specify its source of “sugar” and is labeled “This product may contain GMOs” for U.K. markets. Cheerios’ cornstarch is likely to be made from genetically engineered corn.

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