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Organic vegetables

There are many reasons to choose organics. Organic farmers build healthy soil, protect clean water, and use less energy. They raise animals humanely, without artificial hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. And research shows organic agriculture is key to curbing global warming — not to mention the best way to feed the world's growing population.

Organic foods are healthier, too. Science shows they have higher levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than chemically farmed foods — without the risk of toxic pesticides.

Organic systems are creating jobs four times faster than conventional food industry.

Countries with significant declines in hunger and malnutrition — in Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia, China and other Pacific countries — all are nations where chemical-intensive and experimental technologies, such as GMOs, are banned or restricted.

The improvements and increased yields are due to improvements in high yielding traditional seeds. In fact, not a single genetically engineered food offers better nutrition or flavor, needs less water or chemicals, or reduces climate change. Organic food and farming do.

Who owns organic?

As part of our commitment to transparency and personal choice, PCC created this brochure to assist you in deciding what brands you prefer to avoid or support. Please know that business relationship change on a regular basis; this brochure reflects brand ownership as of summer of 2014.
Organic Brand Ownership

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