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Frequently asked questions

If you've just joined or are thinking about becoming a member of PCC, you may have some questions! Find the answers below or email:

Thank you for shopping at PCC. We hope you'll become a member!

PCC Members

How much is a PCC membership?

$60 for a lifetime membership, plus a $2 non-refundable handling fee.

Is it easy to become a member?

Yes. You can sign up at any of our stores, or use our easy online form.

Do I have to pay the membership fee all at once?

New members can either choose to pay $60, plus a $2 non-refundable handling fee, upon joining or make an initial payment of $8 and nine quarterly payments of $6. If you choose to make payments, you must join at a store since we currently only accept membership payment-in-full with online joining.

What does PCC do with my $60 membership investment?

Your $60 membership makes a difference. This member capital helps us make improvements in our stores. The more member capital we have, the less we have to borrow from banks. Members use the services PCC offers and the money stays in our community, benefiting local, sustainable agriculture and consumer cooperation. In conventional business models, capital is provided by private investors intent on making a profit.

How does the membership payment system work?

PCC does not have a billing system for payments and it is the responsibility of the member to remember to pay every three months. Payments can be made online, at the store or mailed to the co-op office.

When do I start receiving member benefits?

You are eligible to receive PCC's member benefits as soon as an application has been completed and payment is received.

Is my membership refundable?

Yes, your $60 membership investment is fully refundable if, at any time, you are unable to use or become dissatisfied with your membership.

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