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The latest from PCC

Sound Consumer

The Sound Consumer is dedicated to informing and educating members and the public about food and agriculture, consumer concerns and co-op principles.

PCC Taste

This monthly publication is a celebration of all things food. Within these pages you’ll find seasonal products and recipes, local producer spotlights, cooking advice, lifestyle and nutrition tips, news from our PCC community and many other delicious bites to savor.

Market Specials

PCC Market Specials is a biweekly update about the latest foods and products on sale at your local PCC.

PCC e-mail newsletters

Whether you want the latest news and specials from PCC, care about food policy, love to take PCC Cooks classes or consider yourself a wine aficionado, we offer an e-newsletter to suit your interests.

Product how-to guides

Learn which beans are the healthiest, the best ways to prepare tofu, which oil to use when cooking, and more with our assortment of product guides.

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