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Eco-friendly features at Edmonds PCC

rain garden
A state-of-the-art rain garden in the middle of the store parking lot is a practical and beautiful way to capture and clean water run-off. Soundslide of eco-features with George Ostrow of Velocipede Architects »
Photo by Janice Parker, PCC Natural Markets

Edmonds PCC creates an enjoyable shopping experience right from the get-go.

Two beautifully planted rain gardens in the parking lot, and natural lighting throughout the store, are just the beginning. The Edmonds PCC was designed to meet energy efficiency and systems performance standards for LEED® Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

From initial design, throughout construction, and in operating the store, the priority given to environmentally responsible procedures and features that maximize resource efficiency and minimize waste, are intended to offer a thoroughly pleasant atmosphere in which to shop.

Skylights at the Edmonds PCC store.
Thirty-five skylights throughout the store provide natural lighting. Special glazing allows 65 percent of visible light to enter while simultaneously blocking 64 percent of the sun's heat.
Photo by Velocipede Architects

Energy efficiency


Efficient lighting

Efficient systems

Waste management

Reduced materials

Reused materials

Wall tiles handmade from 100 percent recycled glass are used in the deli, bakery and bathrooms.
Photo by Janice Parker, PCC Natural Markets

Recycled materials

Low toxicity

Improved air quality


Locally sourced materials

Where possible, materials and appliances used to build and furnish the store were locally sourced, including:

The combined annual savings from all the
energy measures taken during construction
are expected to be 50 percent better than industry standards

as predicted by a DOE2 (Department of Energy 2) computer simulation.
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