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Eco-friendly features at Fremont PCC

The 3kW photovoltaic (PV) panel array on the south canopy (located at the very top of the overhang) produces electricity from sunlight without moving parts or pollution.

Our store is as eco-friendly as the products we carry. Our cafe's solar-powered canopy produces electricity that benefits our environment.

New construction includes strawboard custom cabinetry, 100% recycled structural steel and worktops manufactured using recycled paper. Our paints are low toxic. And, our elevator's hydraulic system uses biodegradable canola oil. Read about these and other great features in detail below:

Energy Efficiency

Power generation

Solar design

Special solar selective glass at the west and south reduces solar heat gain by 50%, allowing the air conditioning for those zones to be downsized by 20%, while visibility is still 90% that of clear glass.

Efficient lighting

System integration

Waste Reduction

Recycled content construction materials include:

The mechanical and refrigeration systems are all interconnected by the same hydronic loop, so that heat generated from cooling the food is captured to heat the store's hot water and interior air.

Low toxicity

Indoor air quality

Construction includes strawboard custom cabinetry and linoleum flooring made from cork, linseed oil, jute, and wood.


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