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Eco-friendly features at Redmond PCC

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A national leader in eco-building strategies

Thanks to smart planning, our new Redmond store is as eco-friendly as the groceries we carry. Our Redmond PCC store is the first store in the United States to be awarded the prestigious LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for exceptional design, construction and operation of a "green" building.

Notable features include efficient lighting that is 37 percent lower than our state's energy code, low-VOC wall paint, and hot water for cooking and washing that is heated with energy captured from the refrigerations sytems that keep our food cold.

The store also features cabinets built from 100 percent recycled fiber, and clay and glass tiles made from 50 to 100 percent recycled content. These details and more are outlined below:

Energy efficiency


Efficient Lighting

Skylights at the Redmond PCC store.
Twenty-eight skylights at the Redmond PCC bring ample natural light into the sales area.

Efficient Systems

Waste reduction


Kitchen at the Redmond PCC.
The major exhaust hoods at the stovetops operate only when they sense smoke or steam, instead of operating continuously.



Low toxicity

Clouds representing the clean air produced by following the LEED Constructio Indoor Air Quality Plan.

Improved Air Quality


The annual savings from all
combined store energy is 50 percent better
than the building industry standard.
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