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2009 PCC Annual Election

The election was held April 28 — May 22

Nominating committee candidates

There were five nominating committee candidates in the 2009 election — all were elected in PCC's 2009 election. We will keep the candidates' campaign statements posted here for your reference as you review the election results.

Diana Crane     Janet Hietter     Don Nordness     Rick Riehle     Mary Simon    
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Diana Crane

As a PCC employee and shopper I experience our cooperative from two perspectives, the common denominator being PCC's unwavering commitment to product quality, customer service, community involvement and sustainable practices. I share the pride my co-workers and other members have in being associated with PCC, and share their expectations that PCC will always be the vibrant and vital organization it is today.

Our board of trustees is responsible for deliberating and setting policies that reflect the expectations and concerns of members for PCC's future and it is essential that its composition represents a balance of knowledge and skills, as well as a deep understanding of PCC's values. Drawing on my experience working for PCC and other organizations, and my service on other boards, I was honored to be a member of last year's nominating committee.

Any of the individuals we presented for election this year would work effectively with other board members and serve PCC well. I would be equally honored to have a second opportunity to participate in the recruitment and nomination of board candidates.

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Janet Hietter

I truly appreciate PCC's cooperative business model and triple-bottom line approach to business and would like to see PCC continue to thrive in our community. In fact I think it's vital that PCC thrive — we need more businesses with such a commitment to sustainability and natural and human resources.

I realize how important the trustees are in setting the long-range vision of the cooperative and in ensuring PCC's continued success, and I would be honored to serve another year on the nominating committee to help recruit and select potential board candidates.

My background includes 18 years in human resources management at Ohio State University, Battelle and Microsoft, where my last corporate role was HR Director. More recently I owned and operated a small organic clothing business. In April I completed the Executive Leadership Program at Seattle University with a strong emphasis on social justice and ethics.

I'm currently working with Bhutanese refugees to establish a community network and access to resources, and working through Water for People with a small business in Malawi, Africa to increase management capacity.

I'd like to share my skills, experience and commitment to PCC by serving on the nominating committee.

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Don Nordness

I worked in the natural grocery products industry for more than 20 years, and was on the board of directors for a cooperative that supplied PCC. Last year, I served on the nominating committee for PCC's Board of Trustees and would welcome the opportunity to do so again this year.

In the process of recruiting and selecting candidates for the board last year, I learned a great deal about the set of skills that might be beneficial to the co-op in coming years. PCC operates in a competitive business environment yet embraces a unique member-owned structure. Therefore, it is important to choose leaders with a broad understanding of business practices as well as an appreciation for our dynamic co-op model.

I would like to put my experience to use, helping to find qualified individuals in our community who will support and develop PCC's commitment to healthy living, regional agriculture and environmental sustainability.

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Rick Riehle

I have attended PCC board meetings during the last several years and I have a sense of the strengths and personalities of our existing board. I am familiar with the Policy Governance® model, used by PCC and other organizations, and its separation of policy from execution.

The members of the nominating committee will be among only a few PCC members who will have the opportunity to meet with all of the candidates, discuss their plans and intentions with regard to the company, vet their backgrounds and assess their potential contribution, and so I take this responsibility seriously.

Ideally new board members should complement existing board members. They should bring additional skills and fresh perspectives.

We have an excellent board and executive staff at PCC. I will apply my best judgment in cooperation with the other members of the nominating committee toward PCC's continued success. I look forward to serving on the nominating committee.

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Mary Simon

In 2001, I retired from Lucent Technologies where I had been an ombudsperson. For 17 years in that role, I worked as a neutral to solve disputes in the workplace. My experience in negotiation, conflict resolution and organizational development was helpful when I was elected to the PCC Board of Trustees in 2003.

I served a full three-year term and was elected board chair in my third year. Unfortunately, due to travel commitments, I was unable to accept the nomination for another board term. However, I was delighted to be able to continue my service to PCC these past two years by serving on the nominating committee.

While on the board of trustees, I chaired the task force that undertook a complete review of our bylaws. In that process I came to fully understand the role of the nominating committee and its representation of the members and independence from the board.

It is an honor to serve this organization and I look forward to being a part of the trustee candidate selection process again.

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Visionary leadership from our board and nominating committee members will play a major role in the success of our co-op in the coming years.

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