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Excerpt from Management's Report

March 2014

This is an excerpt from Management's report to the board on its interpretation of and compliance with one of our Ends policies based on 2013 activity.

Ends Policy C: PCC has a local focus

Interpretation: Management interprets Ends Policy C to mean that PCC's retail business focuses primarily on the Puget Sound region for its customer base, giving preference to producers, suppliers, community organizations and other partners located in or near our market area.

For the purposes of store locations, "local" is within the Puget Sound region (mostly King and Snohomish counties) and close enough to existing stores such that PCC is at least somewhat familiar to residents and there is an existing base of PCC members among them. For procurement purposes, "local" is equivalent to "Northwest" and encompasses the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and southern British Columbia. Supporting a "local focus" does not preclude doing business with non-local organizations when doing so better serves our membership and the long-term well-being of PCC.

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