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Ask the Family Nutritionist

We're here to help! Whether you're curious how to incorporate more vegetables into your child's meals, wonder which type of milk they should drink, or are searching for foods to boost their concentration at school, our nutrition educators are available to help find the answers. For even more nutrition talk, don’t miss our monthly Ask the Nutritionist column and podcast.

Holiday fun — December 2013

There are many reasons for including your kids in preparing food. Kids have natural curiosity, as well as an attraction to cooking. (The famous Easy Bake Oven is now gender neutral.) Working together in the kitchen can help move kids away from fast food and toward better nutrition. A good way to start is by taking your children to the store with you. If they are old enough, let them write the shopping list. At PCC, you might begin your trip in the produce department, where kids twelve and younger get a free serving of fruit each visit.

Cold & flu prevention strategies — November 2013

It's here, the dreaded cold and flu season, that time of passing around bacteria that perpetuate runny noses, coughing and missed school. It's a dream of beleaguered parents to protect their child against this cycle of illness.

Should Initiative 522 matter to my family? — October 2013

GMOs are a hot topic right now because of the Washington state vote on Initiative 522, the People's Initiative to Label Genetically Engineered Foods. You'll see it on the November 2013 ballot.

Road Trip! — August 2013

Ah summer, the family loaded into the car, hours ahead until the destination. As long as you're making memories, you might as well make everyone happy, and food can play a pleasant supporting role in your road trip video.

Stay hydrated — July 2013

Does my child need more water during summer?

Snack attack — June 2013

Snacking often is perceived as an unhealthy habit but regular snacking helps to control hunger, prevents energy crashes, and can even contribute to healthier food choices throughout the day.

Families Helping Families — May 2013

We know how challenging it can be to get your kids to try new foods, especially if you have a picky eater on your hands.

What foods beyond dairy are a good source of calcium? — April 2013

Whether your child has an intolerance to milk or you're just worried your child isn't getting enough calcium, there are good reasons to get this important nutrient into their diet every day.

What are the best foods to help fuel my child athlete? — March 2013

For many parents, the topic of sports nutrition quickly can get complicated, and with marketing layered on top of that, flat out confusing. Here's a breakdown of what children participating in sports should be eating in order to keep them energized.

What are the best food sources of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin? — February 2013

Vitamin D is a very unique nutrient: it's essential for many body systems (immune, skeletal, cardiovascular) but unfortunately not found in many foods.

Picky eaters — January 2013

The two most common questions or concerns I hear from parents are: "How do I get my child to eat more than plain pasta?" and "Is it alright to let my child eat dessert if they don't eat dinner?"

Holiday Treats — December 2012

How can I make our holiday treats healthier?

Food traditions — November 2012

Can holiday feasting be healthy? Many people complain that the holidays end up being such an unhealthy time for everyone, due to the overabundance of food during the holiday season.

Start smart — October 2012

My daughter always rushes off to school without eating breakfast. Do you have any quick and easy meal ideas?

Food Comes From Farms — August 2012

Teaching our children about local foods and the farms where those foods are grown or produced makes a lasting impact on their relationship with food.

Veggie lovin' — July 2012

My kids eat around their vegetables. How can I get them to eat more veggies?

Get hydrated! — June 2012

My child drinks too many sugary drinks. Any suggestions for healthier summer beverages?

Sprucing up your child's snack menu — May 2012

My kids are bored with our snack menu. Can you give us fresh ideas to spruce up our selection?

Fueling an active child — April 2012

My daughter just started track. What are the best foods for her to eat and when?

Kids in the kitchen — March 2012

My kids always gravitate to the kitchen. Is there any benefit to having them help me cook?

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