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Raw foods: will they help your health?

PCC Taste | January 2013

Ask the nutritionist podcast

Hear Nick speak in greater depth about raw foods.

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rainbow salad
Try the PCC Deli Rainbow Salad or make it yourself.

Most of the healthiest foods on the shelves at PCC are raw foods. However, the reason they are the healthiest foods is not just because they are raw. Today, "raw food" is not just fresh produce. It also includes raw packaged foods such as crackers, nut butters and other snack foods never heated above 116° F (while no regulations exist as to what can be called "raw," this temperature is largely accepted by the raw foods community).

These packaged raw foods are healthy choices not just because they are made from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains or beans, but also because shoppers seeking out raw foods also demand foods with minimal added sugars, fats and salt. Raw food advocates report that increasing your consumption of raw foods will give you:

That said, there is nothing wrong with cooking food. In fact, the carotenes in carrots are better absorbed after cooking, and the immune system benefits of mushrooms are enhanced by cooking. Cooking food also increases the variety of foods available — potatoes, winter squash, beans, meat and seafood either are indigestible, unsafe or less safe to consume raw. Most nutritionists do not support the idea that the enzymes in raw foods offer any nutritional advantages because enzymes are broken down in our digestive systems and nutritional losses can be minimized by proper cooking techniques. Most 100 percent raw dieters also are vegan and, therefore, reap both the benefits and the challenges of a completely plant-based diet.

Adding raw foods to your diet most likely will improve your diet quality, but if you prefer the flavors of cooked foods, then don't worry that lightly sautéing your kale will completely destroy any nutritional benefits. It's still kale!

raw foods

Six tasty raw foods to try at PCC

by Nick Rose, M.S., PCC Nutrition Educator

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