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Here's That Rainy Day?

June. It’s raining. Hm. We shouldn’t be surprised, really. It does that here. But we hear stories about all those other places... Heck, everyone knows that the sixth month on this side of the planet is pretty much the down-payment on full blown summer. It’s a fact – except where it isn’t. But every once in a while, the planets, the ocean currents and the winds align to give us a textbook June, the kind we see on TV. So we start thinking that that’s the way it’s supposed to be, and get the blues when we awaken to a hard rain on a June morning and discover that it isn’t.

Well, alright then. Keep Calm and Carry On (with a bottle of rosé, or pinot, or Beaujolais). Step outside, make like a husky and sniff the air. It’s absolutely delicious this time or year, we all know that. Add a kiss of rain to the profusion of awakening verdura and it’s just that much better. Just as certain wines and beers marry well with particular dishes, so it is with the seasoning of the seasons, as it were.

Rain and rosé? You bet. A breeze of bright, fresh berries, notes of spice, a tangy note to play counterpoint with the cool goodness from the skies… Oregon pinot -- notes of forest floor, minerals, wild raspberries, just- ripe cherries harmonizing with damp firs, cedars, salt air, maybe a slab of salmon on the grill. Mmm-hmmm. Beaujolais – taut, expressive, exuberant fruit wrapped around a core of granite minerality… Or a fine pale ale, or pilsner. Really, the possibilities are as plentiful as raindrops.

Don’t wait, do it now. The sun’s is going to come out – and you’ll have to save it for a rainy day.

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