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Iberian Impressions

 Iberian Impressions

We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost.

                                                                                      Ray Bradbury 

Travel. There are as many reasons to budge from home and hearth as there are means of conveyance and places to go. But the accumulated miles in my rearview have led me to the notion that travel is best when the magic carpet yanks the proverbial rug from under your world, sets you adrift, throws open the doors and windows in your brain and leaves you more than a little bit lost, bewildered and flying by the seat of your intellectual and emotional pants. It should leave you speechless, lacking appropriate, adequate or accurate adjectives to begin to seize even a drop of the flood that breaches your mental seawall.

 Spain… Miles Davis did “Sketches of Spain” -- not essays, not pictures, documentaries nor anything finished or in at all definitive. Sketches. Ideas, notions, impressions. If it worked for Miles, damned if it doesn’t work for me.  

Iberia… It’s Europe, but just barely. The Pyrenees throw down a gauntlet at the peninsula’s point of attachment to the continent --a dramatic geographic, cultural and linguistic barrier. At the edge of the Old World, romance language wears a sultry, syncopated rhythm, shedding latin formality like a veil, while the dancer weaves between the Old World’s cold reason and the hot breath of Africa.  

España… Soul in a rainbow of colors, a pocket Babel of dialects, a heady palette of flavors, and passion that neither the Inquisition nor Franco could dampen… 

Wine… when you have to stick close to home base, choose well and it’s travel in a glass. When you’re travelling, it’s the extra dimension, high harmony, subtlety of texture and richness of color that tells the rest of the story. 

Yep, just back from a week of being thoroughly enchanted in Rioja, Ribera del Duero and a tease of the Basque country. (And I do mean enchanted, in the most awe-struck, blown-away, bewitched sense of the word). And after all, as a writer, Quixotic tilting at wordmills is what it’s all about -- the part where the rubber meets the road, that speechless, no-words-to-describe-it place where you stare at the blank page and find a way. Onward, then. Stay tuned…


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