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Sparkling on the Wine Frontier

Make a wish, you never know…

 We’re a little bleary. A little worse for the wear and the tear. Thirsty, too. 12 hours, two airplanes and 9 time zones later, we hit the autostrada, Slovenia – bound. Suddenly, right about the point where the Veneto segues to Friuli, I’m seized with a strange new jones…ribolla gialla. Strange --but fortuitous. “Dang, but I’d sure like a glass of ribolla” I exclaim to Joshua and The Accomplice. “Well, I think you’re in the right place” replies Joshua. Yup, whether Friuli or across the border in Brda, we’re heading for ribolla gialla paradise. As the lush countryside flies by, I’m savoring the thought of nutty, floral, lush-but-brightly focused, cool goodness. “The only thing better than ribolla, would be ribolla with bubbles” I announce to my companions. Which might not be quite so easy, I imagine. Still…

An hour later, all checked in to the hotel, I step downstairs to meet Joshua for a little sip of something, before we head off to dinner with Aleks and Marina. Surveying the scene on the terrace, I spy an empty bottle of something sparkling at a just-vacated table. Peneca Rebula Brut, the label simply states (rebula is Slovenian for ribolla). “Hey look” I tell Joshua, pointing at the bottle. “Crazy, huh?” Of course we have to try it. We sit, order a bottle, half expecting to be underwhelmed. Instead, we’re pleasantly amazed – it’s delicious, refreshing – and astonishingly inexpensive. Who needs Prosecco? This is way better – not to mention cool as all get-out (a little prosciutto on the side, and we’re talking paradise). Best yet, by noon tomorrow, we’ll have found the source – with just time and paperwork standing between a thirsty wish and sparkling ribolla in Seattle. 

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