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Dang Fine Beer!

For aficionados of that wonderful engineering of hops, malt, yeast and water commonly known as beer, the Left Coast is pretty much paradise. An unstoppable tide of creativity, energy and alchemy offers a torrent of brewed pleasure, an embarrassment of fermented riches. The brew wave is a seemingly irresistible force, raising its own hell or high water mark with danged near every keg. Out with the old, in with the brew, what could be better than beervana?

Well, how about old school? An original, back-to-where-we-never-left, rootsy, where-it-all-started, uncompromisingly steadfast, just plain good beer. Not über, not imperial, not over-the-top, not new and improved. Like well-built wingtips, modest lapels and classic cravats, real quality never goes out of style – and beer is no exception.

The Accomplice and I swung by Anchor Brewing for a tasting and tour last week, on one of those incomparably fine autumn days that San Francisco does like nowhere else. A fabulous day, for which Anchor’s line-up provided the perfect exclamation point. We’re talking delicious. Delicious enough to have even my jaded outlook raving long after the two pint buzz was long gone.

Those guys do it right – and have been doing it for a long, long time (they’ve been Anchor since 1896, while the brewery actually dates back to 1851, when Gottlieb Brekle arrived from Germany and hung out a shingle with the family name). Rising like a Phoenix from a major earthquake, several devastating fires, prohibition and various other challenges, Anchor is a force to be reckoned with—not to mention part a serious part of San Francisco’s cultural heritage. And it’s all about the beer. From the original Steam Beer to Old Foghorn Barleywine (first of its kind on the Left Coast) there’s nothing particularly fancy going on – just really, really good beer. You like dry-hopped beer? Liberty Ale was pretty much the west coast’s first IPA, dry-hopped then, dry-hopped now, without making a big fuss about it. Porter (hey porter!), one of the first, still one of the best. For the purist, there’s even lager, (yep,really, really good lager), as pure as the Sierra mountain water from which it’s made.

A friend summed it up best, sipping from a bottle of Steam Beer awhile back: “Mmmmmmm, tastes beer-y! Wow. Damn, that’s good! I could drink that!”

And so could I. Think I will...


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Those who love to drink

Those who love to drink I suggest them to drink beer as it is good for health rather than going for cheap quality drink that is bad for their health.

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