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What’s your favorite PCC Deli salad?

New to our website, find nutritional facts for your favorite PCC Deli items.

Emerald City Salad
35% (126 votes)
Sesame Quinoa with Edamame
15% (56 votes)
Methow Valley Salad
8% (30 votes)
Tarragon Chicken Salad
9% (32 votes)
Hearty Greens Caesar
12% (44 votes)
Collard Slaw
4% (15 votes)
Other, provide a comment.
17% (60 votes)
Total votes: 363
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Gingered Beets

I love PCC's Gingered Beets! http://www.pccnaturalmarkets.com/products/deli/nutrition/product.php?plu...

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