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Spiced Cocoa Mix

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Your rating: None (1 vote)

Treat someone special to this perfect winter warmer. Our cocoa mix features dark, semi-sweet chocolate chips, Fair Trade cocoa powder, sugar and powdered milk. To spice up the flavor, we've added a hint of anise and cinnamon.


These ingredients are:
vegetarian iconVegetarian egg-free iconEgg-free


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix well. Place in a container or bag.

Tie on a label with these instructions:
To make the hot cocoa, add 3 tablespoons to 6 ounces of boiling water. Stir until chocolate chips dissolve.


To toast the anise seed, stir it in a heavy pan over medium heat until fragrant, about 2 minutes, then cool and crush.

Recipe by Roxanne Winship and Sara Walsh, PCC staff

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I wonder what the life span on cocoa is before it goes bad. A British financer, Anthony Ward, just invested within the equivalent of all the cocoa in Europe, 241000 tons. As far as I can tell, his intentions are to raise the cost of cocoa, thereby earning a return on his investment. What is going to do if doesn’t sell that much cocoa? That is why I wonder how long cocoa is good for. Really, numerous people are so addicted to chocolate that they would take out an installment loan to purchase it.

Cocoa powder shelf life

Hello AliciaR! Thanks for writing. While we can't speak to the future price of cocoa in the global marketplace, we can speak to its shelf life. The majority of our suppliers say cocoa powder (as you would need for the the above recipe) typically has a 24 month shelf life. We hope this helps, and that chocolate will always be readily available to all of us!

All the best,

spiced cocoa

This recipe makes a luscious cocoa. I added more than the called-for amount of toasted anise seed. And I used what I had on my shelf: leftover Green & Black cocoa powder, Scharffen Berger cocoa powder, and Fran's dark chocolate curls. The resulting beverage was rich with the spark of the anise seeds. For Christmas I filled small canning jars with the mix; they were a hit! I made a second batch (of 3x recipe) using the EE cocoa; it, too, was good but lacked the deep flavor of the first batch.

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