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Thin Eyebrow Solution

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Thinning eyebrows can be just as frustrating as overly bushy ones. Try this simple process for a natural boost.


For thin eyebrows, wash them frequently using a pure soap like castile, rinsing with warm water. Gently towel dry and rub eyebrows with olive oil. Brush them frequently in an upward direction with a firm toothbrush.

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whiskery eyebrows

My eyebrows are the consistancy of a mans whishers. Very wirey and unruly. Hair conditioner does not help. I was wondering if I used perm solution to break down the hairs somewhat if this would help. Is there a cosmotologist out there that can help?? Should I use a straightening solution or a reg. perm. My hair is very coarse and was once auburn. Any ideas??

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