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PCC Cooking VideosFestive Cuban Tortilla Torta with Warm Spices

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PCC Chef Lynne Vea and PCC Assistant Store Director Ryan Walker prepare Festive Cuban Tortilla Torta with Warm Spices.

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"Cuban" food

Is there a reason this is referred to as a Cuban dish? Although the recipe presented here sounds delicious, I have to say that there isn't much Cuban about it, other than perhaps the black beans and the pseudo-sofrito at the beginning. I'm the daughter of a Cuban exile who has been eating Cuban tortillas all my life. A Cuban tortilla is an egg dish similar to a Spanish omelet. This could lead to a bit of confusion when anyone tries to order "tortilla" from a Cuban restaurant. Also, the only Cuban "torta" I've ever has is a type of cake!

Not remotely Cuban

There are a few ingredients here that would be found in Cuban or Cuban-inspired dishes. However, most of the flavors here are _very_ contrary to traditional Cuban dish seasonings. Once again we see the insulting idea that all Hispanic cultures are interchangeable played out in the kitchen. Lame.

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