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Healthy Kids CookMango and Avocado Fresh Rolls

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Eat a rainbow! Mango and avocado fresh rolls are a fun, hands-on recipe, great for dinner, lunch or snacking. Not only are these rolls beautiful, but they're amazingly easy to make. Learn how as PCC Chef Jackie Freeman works with 7-year-old Calla and her dad, Jason.

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Nutrition & fun facts

  • Another name for avocado is “alligator pear”—it’s a sensible name, based on its leathery skin. In some parts of India, they call it “butter fruit”—which you’ll understand after just one bite.
  • 16th century Spanish explorers would pierce avocado pits and make indelible red ink. Some of their avocado ink documents survive in the archives of Popayán, Columbia.
  • Avocados are a surprising source of protein, have more potassium than bananas, and offer plenty of healthy fat. Try plain slices first, but kids frequently love them in smoothies, on pasta, or in sushi rolls.

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  • Worldwide, more fresh mangoes are eaten every day than any other kind of fruit. They can be as small as an egg or as big as a football, and any color from pale green to nearly purple.
  • Mangoes have been cultivated for about 5,000 years; it’s the national fruit of both India and the Philippines.
  • Sweet, pulpy mangoes are generally popular with kids, and they supply good amounts of vitamin C, E and folate. There are oils in the skin that can cause a poison ivy-like reaction, so we recommend peeling them.


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