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Meet Our Producers

Earth Friendly Products

Van Vlahakis, founder, owner and CEO of Earth Friendly Products

Listen to highlights from our conversation with Van Vlahakis, founder, owner and CEO of Earth Friendly Products. Earth Friendly is the maker of, well, earth friendly cleaning products including dishwasher and laundry detergent and dish soap that keep our homes and clothes clean without harming the environment. Listen as Van shares his philosophy of what makes plant-based cleaning products a healthier choice for your home.
Learn more: Go behind the scenes in this video at Earth Friendly's Lacey, Wash. plant.

Pure Éire Dairy

Rich, decadent, nutritious dairy

Nestled in the heart of the Columbia Basin, Pure Éire Dairy is the realization of Richard and Jill Smith's dream to create luscious, nutritious milk and cream they'd be proud to stand behind. Hear Jill describe their all-Jersey, 100-percent grass fed herd and share why dairy farming was right for them.

Tieton Farm & Creamery

Dairy goodness from the ground up

Meet the dynamic duo behind Tieton's farm fresh local chevre. Ruth Babcock loves to farm and cares for their livestock; Lori Babcock, a gifted cook, makes the cheese from the pails of fresh milk Ruth carries in each morning.

Born to be a farmer

Meet Full Circle Founder Andrew Stout

Full Circle founder Andrew Stout tells us how and why he got into farming, takes us on a tour of his farm near Carnation, Wash., and explains why his fresh, organic salad mix is so special.

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