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Tony's Coffees & Teas

A handpicked team of growers, buyers and roasters

Producer Profile

Purveyors: A handpicked team of growers, buyers and roasters

Located in: Bellingham, Wash.

Supplying PCC since: the late 1990s

Find it at PCC: Find a fragrant variety packaged and available in bulk, including single-origin roasts, blends, and decaffeinated options.

Certifications: Tony's is certified an organic processor by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, certified Kosher by Va'a HaRabanim of Greater Seattle and licensed to roast and sell Fair Trade Certified coffees by TransFair USA.

Time tested: Tony’s Coffee has been roasting award-winning, sustainably-grown coffees in Bellingham since 1971. All twenty Tony’s employees are passionate about making great coffee and love hearing from their customers.

Making a difference, one batch at a time

Established in Bellingham, Wash., in 1971, Tony's is one of the pioneers of coffee roasting in the Pacific Northwest. Over the decades, Tony's, under the leadership of president and chief executive Todd Elliott, has stayed true to its craft-style batch-roasting methods, which result in consistently satisfying brews.


Tony's Coffees prides itself on building direct relationships with coffee growing families, and supports organic, Fair Trade and shade-grown methods of coffee production and processing.

Direct relationships mean traveling the world in search of great beans. Coffee "beans," in their unroasted state, are green and firm, the seeds of cherries from the tropical shrub coffee arabica. Tony's coffee buyers sample hundreds of different kinds of green coffee from around the globe before buying their selections in bulk and roasting them in a way that brings out the very best quality of the bean.

Tony's also forges direct relationships with its extended community. The company purchases renewable energy equal to the amount of electricity used, which guarantees electricity from renewable resources is delivered to the regional power grid, reducing the need for electricity generated by non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. Tony's also is a corporate sponsor of the PCC Farmland Trust, which preserves organic farmland from development for future generations.

Quality, sustainability and human relationships are the company's core values. Rather than out-spend or out-glitz the competition, Tony's has remained focused on delivering high-quality coffee that keeps customers coming back for more.

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