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Bakery nutrition facts

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Brand Product Category PLU
PCC Bakery Harvest Fruit & Nut Bars Bars/Brownies 1972
PCC Bakery Kasha Energy Bars Bars/Brownies 2552
PCC Bakery Candied Pecans Misc 6303
PCC Bakery Nut and Honey Cluster Misc 6103
PCC Bakery Pear and Gorgonzola Scone Scones 8274

Note: This database includes nutritionally verified dishes created by the PCC Bakery (hence, it does not include occasional items such as daily specials). As a seasonal grocer, please remember that not every item listed is available year-round. Also, not all items are available at all stores, as each PCC Bakery offers a seasonal selection tailored to its shoppers. Please call ahead to your neighborhood PCC Bakery to determine availability.

If you have questions or comments, please email nutrition@pccsea.com.


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