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Life just tastes better with pie. Whether cool and creamy or warm and bubbly, the perfect pie satisfies both stomach and heart.

Our deep-dish, butter-crust pies are flaky, rich and satisfying, whether filled with fruit or smooth, decadent cream. Look for seasonal favorites baked with high-quality ingredients throughout the year.

A tempting, seasonal selection


Fruit pies — Enjoy Cherry, Apple, Blueberry and Peach-Blackberry, depending on the season.


Cream pies — Look for Lime, Coconut Cream and Banana Cream, depending on the season.

pumpkin pie

Annual delights — Savor our Pumpkin and Pecan pies during the chilly months.

Perfect pairings

We carry a wide selection of ice creams and non-dairy frozen desserts that transform a dessert from great to superb. Here are a few samples for inspiration; find additional ideas in this story from PCC Taste magazine.

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