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Sweets and snacks in bulk


It's always good to have a snack at the ready, whether at home or away. Our bulk department offers healthy snacks and sweets galore that can satisfy nearly any craving. And thanks to the freedom of buying in bulk, you can go home with a little bit of each or a whole bunch of your favorite treat.

You'll find a selection from SunRidge Farms, SunSpire, Woodstock Farms and more.

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Snack happy

Tuck a small bag of tamari almonds into your gym bag. Stash cocoa-dusted almonds in your lunchbox or desk drawer. Keep some yogurt-covered pretzels in your pantry so you're prepared for a surprise snack attack. Remember, those nuts, seeds and candies you find in bulk also make great garnishes and decor for salads, soups, baked goods and more!

*Selection varies by store.

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