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Bulk: products, cooking tips, nutrition facts

Shop PCC's bulk section and take home high-quality staple ingredients by the pinch or the pound to save money and reduce packaging. Our bulk search makes it easy to explore the scores of options available (along with nutritional information and cooking instructions). Or, simply browse some of our most popular categories below for inspiration. We offer the same information for our Deli and Bakery items.

Reverse look-up

Unsure whether that bag in your pantry is spelt flour or multigrain pancake mix? Simply type the bin number into the bulk search. Mystery solved!

Our quality standards

Our buyers give preference to fresh, nutritious, organic and local items that are free of genetic modifications and irradiation. Learn more.


Note: Not all products are available at all stores; please contact your neighborhood PCC to determine availability. Product ingredients are subject to change as manufacturers may change formulations.

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