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Gluten-free products search

Browse our selection of hundreds of gluten-free products, including baking ingredients, pastas, breakfast ideas, health and body care items and supplements.

Deli nutrition facts

The secret to our stellar from-scratch soups, fantastic salads, crisp pizzas and savory sandwiches? Quality ingredients, many of which hail from local and organic producers.

Bakery nutrition search

Look up your favorite fresh-baked delights by name or sort by category. Find delicious goodies that also meet your dietary needs.

Non-GMO products search

Find out which favorite PCC products and brands are verified to have best practices and testing procedures in place to avoid genetically modified organisms.

Kid-approved products search

Discover lunchbox items, healthy snacks, and ingredients for delicious, kid-friendly meals.

Bulk products search

Find hundreds of quality foods and products, including beans, grains, spices and sweeteners, available by the pinch or the pound. Search by item name or bulk bin number for nutrition information and preparation instructions.

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