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The PCC Deli: so much to savor

Ready-to-eat, original recipes, quality ingredients

Each PCC Deli offers unique and satisfying entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza and more. The selection you find in the deli case is made fresh, with wholesome ingredients sourced from producers we trust. Learn more about each dish with our PCC Deli nutrition search.

Our selection spans cuisines from around the globe and changes with the seasons, with flavorful choices for any diet, including vegan, vegetarian, low-salt and raw options. Take a look!

PCC's quality StandardsWhat ingredients you won't find in our delis.

Mix and match picnic

Snag an entrée, grab a couple sides and don't forget dessert! Here's a sampling of our summertime favorites, prepared fresh and ready to go in the PCC Deli.

PCC pizza, made fresh in our delis

We offer freshly made for every occasion — ready-to-eat pies for a quick meal or party or take-and-bake pizza to enjoy at home with family and friends.

PCC Deli platters

Share your good taste and serve PCC deli platters at your next meeting, event or gathering.

PCC's organic espresso and drip coffee

Consistently wonderful espresso and drip. Choose from Organic Valley cow's milk or organic soy, rice, almond or coconut milk at no extra charge.

Custom-order cakes and cupcakes

Perfect for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special day, PCC cakes are baked fresh with quality ingredients including organic wheat or rice flours, organic sugar and cage-free eggs.

Cheese to please every palate

Choose from imported and local favorites. All cheese at PCC is made from milk produced without the genetically engineered growth hormone, rBGH, used to increase milk production.

Deli recipes

Recreate dozens of popular PCC Deli soups, salads, sides and more in your own kitchen.

Go behind the scenes

Learn how we create our recipes — go behind the scenes at a PCC Deli recipe brainstorm!

Meet our producers

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