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An unparalleled grocery selection

PCC offers an extensive selection of organic and high quality products carefully chosen to meet our exacting standards for quality and sustainability. This includes thousands of gluten-free items; dozens organic and pro-biotic dairy products (and, dairy alternatives); and many options for flours, grains, seeds, snacks, teas and spices available in our bulk section.

Read more about the additives and ingredients we keep off our shelves (including artificial colors, hydrogenated oils, and high-fructose corn syrup). Explore our product databases to find what you need!

GMOs: simple ways to avoid them in your diet

Unlike many countries around the world, the U.S. does not require labeling of foods containing GMOs. Steer clear with these tips.

Bulk Search

Shop the PCC bulk section to save money and reduce excess packaging by taking home just as much or as little as you need of an ingredient, from pastas and flours to nuts, grains and spices.

Fresh, local and organic dairy

You'll find a wealth of fresh delights in our dairy case, from cream-topped milk in glass bottles and milk from grass-fed cows to yogurts and kefir with live active cultures and farm-fresh, local, organic eggs.

PCC's organic coffee selection

At PCC, our entire selection of rich, fragrant coffee — bulk, bagged or brewed, including the beans used in our espresso bars — is organic, shade-grown, fairly traded and locally roasted in the Northwest for maximum freshness.

Crazy for coconut: three popular products

The appetite for all things coconut seems insatiable. Check out the latest coconut delights to grace our grocery shelves.

Meet our producers

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