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Soothe and heal with arnica

As you hike, bike, climb or simply run around, do your body a favor and bring along one of nature's great remedies — arnica. A flowering herb, Arnica montana traditionally has been used to speed up healing and reduce pain caused by physical activity, including bruises, sprains, strains, sore muscles and trauma injuries. Arnica helps repair damage to soft tissues and blood vessels by stimulating the body's own healing resources.


All kinds of arnica

Available as a cream, gel or ointment, arnica can be applied topically to the skin. It also is available in homeopathic tablets. The two can be used simultaneously or separately.

Generally, tablets are appropriate for when pain is widespread throughout your body. At PCC, you'll find tablets from Boiron, Hyland's and Nelson. In addition to basic arnica tablets, there are variations geared for more specific applications, such as pain associated with arthritis and arnica specifically formulated for children.

We have even more to choose from when it comes to topical arnica, including gels for sports activities, creams for soothing sore muscles, and arnica massage oil from Weleda that helps unwind your taxed and tight muscles to relieve stress when used in combination with massage.

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