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Holistic cold and flu remedies

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To keep yourself from wheezing and sneezing all winter long, try using nature as a resource to prevent colds or the flu before they hit. Most natural remedies take a holistic approach — rather than waiting until you're running a fever and miserable, you can boost your immune system through preventative methods. At the first onset of symptoms — whether it's a tickle in your throat or a runny nose — try a solution and avert a full-blown, raging cold.

We have many items free of chemicals and derived substances that help soothe and strengthen as well. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through our health and body care department and answer questions so you can bolster your medicine cabinet before cold season settles in.

Remedies for you and your family

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While we have a variety of tinctures, homeopathic capsules and many other products, the following three items are popular for their effectiveness:

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