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Boost up: vitamins and supplements


While many of us are health conscious, our diets don't always provide adequate amounts of certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal health. An easy way to ensure we get all our necessary nutrients is through supplements, helping to prevent deficiencies.

Many people don't get enough calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Additionally, special diets sometimes lack certain nutrients. Elderly individuals often lack appropriate amounts of various vitamins and many premenopausal women can benefit from more calcium, iron, vitamin A or vitamin C.

At PCC, we carry our own line of vitamins and minerals to help you achieve optimum health. Our supplements are professionally formulated without unnecessary additives and thoroughly tested to ensure they're safe for your body. Read more about our quality standards. And remember: before regularly supplementing with a specific vitamin or mineral, it's always good to consult your health physician.

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Explore our Ask the Nutritionist series of columns and podcasts to learn more about the benefits of various foods and supplements. Learn more about vitamin D, find out which foods offer the highest amounts of calcium, learn what to eat for energy, sports and fitness and much more!

PCC Nutrition Educators Nick Rose and Marilyn Walls offer their insights each month in PCC Taste magazine.

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