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How to pick the perfect apple

Braeburn Very firm Good Good Year-round
Cameo Sweet, zingy-crisp Excellent Excellent Oct-Aug
Fuji Sweet, spicy, crisp Good Good Year-round
Gala Sweet, crisp Very good Good Year-round
Golden Delicious Sweet, tender Very good Very good Year-round
Granny Smith Tart, crisp Very good Very good Year-round
Honeycrisp Sweet, tart, very crisp Good Good Sept-Jan
Jonagold Sweet, tart, crisp Good Very good Sept-April
MacIntosh Slightly tart, tender Very good Very good Sept-March
Newtown Pippin Slightly tart, firm Excellent Very good Sept-June
Pink Lady® brand
(Cripps Pink variety)
Sweet, tart, crisp Good Good Oct-Feb
Red Delicious Sweet, crisp Fair Poor Year-round
Rome Beauty
(Red Rome)
Slightly tart, firm Very good Excellent Sept-July
Winesap Slightly tart, spicy, firm Good Good Oct-June

 Source: Washington Apple Growers Association

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