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Delectable smoked salmon

smoked salmon

We're positive you'll enjoy making our PCC Smoked Salmon part of your Northwest tradition. Our premium, hand-filleted, wild Alaskan smoked salmon is locally crafted in small batches over fires stoked with fruit and maple wood.

Choose from two varieties of cold-smoked salmon (lox) and three fully cooked options for a total of five memorable flavors.

Smoked salmon is as versatile as it is delicious: Serve it with champagne as an elegant appetizer for a special dinner, fold it into an omelet or frittata for a hearty breakfast, or add a little protein and pizzazz to a bagel with cream cheese for a mid-day snack. Talk about a delectable way to add heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids to your diet!

smoked salmon

Five delicious options

Hot-smoked salmon
(fully cooked)

Cold-smoked salmon (lox-style)

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