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Seasonal sockeye salmon


When the days grow long, it's time for an abundance of fresh sockeye salmon from the untamed rivers of Alaska. Beyond offering a wealth of nutrients and essential omega-3 fatty acids, salmon tastes great, and can be prepared almost any way you can imagine.

Our wild sockeye bear a deep, reddish color and plenty of natural oils formed from years swimming thousands of miles in chilly waters. Their epic journey from fresh water to the ocean and back again is one of the finest examples of the beauty of nature.

Seafood Watch

Catching a treasure

The wild sockeye is a "Best Choice" for sustainability according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program.

Unlike Pacific salmon fisheries in Washington, Oregon and California, which have seen dramatic declines in salmon runs over the past few decades, the Alaskan salmon fishery is tightly managed to ensure there will be fish for future generations.

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