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Our commitment to sustainable foods


How healthful is that apple you're eating every day at lunch? Your answer could impact future generations. It's overwhelming to think about, but the foods we choose to eat today have a direct affect on the earth, which in turn impacts everything from the livelihood of individual farmers to our economy as a whole.

That's why PCC Natural Markets offers you a choice — healthful, delicious foods from sustainable agricultural practices. By providing and promoting a marketplace for natural and organic foods we actively support sustainable agriculture, a culture of good stewardship — practiced by knowledgeable farmers and supported by stores like PCC and their communities — that works to protect the health of the land for coming generations.

Sustainable agriculture is grounded "in the long view" that the land upon which our food is grown, and the farmers who grow the food, should be protected, maintained and nurtured, now and for the future. PCC accepts the responsibility that we are an integral part of the food community — an extension of the practice of "sustainable agriculture."

Examples of our cooperative's commitment to sustainable agriculture include:

PCC members submitted an estimated 10 percent of the 270,000 comments to USDA during development of the standards.

So, what about that apple? Is it local? Is it organic? Healthful eating isn't just about the personal health of you and your family. Healthful diets based on sustainable foods help make the entire world a better place to live.

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