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Here’s another quick, delicious vacation for your palate. This week’s getaway takes you to one of Spain’s multitude of delectably unique regions. Pick your favorite color and enjoy the flavor of Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast, where Moorish and Catalan culture meet, and the wines offer a savory, sun-splashed, spicy accompaniment to sturdy, boldly favored fare. These organically grown wines deliver tremendous value and perfect for everyday enjoyment!

Castillo de Alicante blanco (macabeo) — $10

Fresh, crisp green apples meet a hint of citrus pith, a suggestion of gravel and a waft of seabreeze in this almost too-easy-to-drink bottle of Mediterranean goodness. Perfect with antipasto, shellfish, salads, or mild to medium cheeses (not to mention just plain drinking).

Castillo de Alicante rosado (monastrell) — $10

A fresh spring breeze, blowing through a roadside stand packed with a gazillon freshly picked berries and a few bushels of oranges, just because. Add a little note of spice, weave it all together in a generous texture of fetchingly pink refreshement and you have the contents of this bottle. Chill and enjoy with your favorite al fresco fare.

Castillo de Alicante tinto (monastrell) — $10

Sun-splashed black cherry, blueberry and currant flavors and aromas infused with monastrell's characteristic earthy note show amazing freshness. There's plenty of substance, but it's nicely balanced with medium tannins and bright acidity.

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