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July 2015

Can mushrooms save the honeybee?

by Sylvia Kantor

Scientists are studying how mushrooms produce anti-viral compounds that could protect threatened honeybees.

Crazy for coconut water

Coconut water is a great drink for rehydration: it's low-calorie, contains important electrolytes, and has a light, refreshing taste.

Recipes from the July 2015 issue

Shaved summer salads

These salads are perfect accompaniments to anything on the grill, from wild salmon to grass-fed burgers. Enjoy!

Staff picks

This month our staff love sweet potato pancake mix, salted brown butter dark chocolate, Syrian pomegranate spread from the PCC deli, a sore muscle rub, and more!

Soil & Sea: reports from our producers

Read about the Northwest's shellfish black market, why Italian olive trees are at risk, why Washington apples were dumped in the field instead of sold, and how drought is impacting cotton and salmon.

Summer reading

Essential books about sustainable food

If you enjoy reading about food and sustainability, consider some recommendations from a thought leader in the sustainable food movement.

"Organic" fish standards?

by Lisa J. Bunin, Ph.D, and Cameron Harsh, M.A.

The government is set to release draft standards that would allow farmed fish in the open ocean to be certified organic. You can take action to oppose it.

Letters to editor

Thanks for PCC · "The future of meat?" · Heavy metals in chocolate · Non-GMO supplements · Coconut oil and green tea · Caramel color · Glyphosate testing

News bites

Country-of-origin unfair? · Big Food losing · Bee decline worsened · Baby formula lawsuit · Generational divide on organics · Bees addicted to pesticides? · Pesticide for oyster beds revoked · Ireland cracks down on labels · Chemicals in food packaging · Organic violations? · Oilfield wastewater used on crops? · HFCS and cholesterol · Red Sox organic garden · Organic more profitable

PCC Board of Trustees report

Election report · Nominating committee results · Board meeting report

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