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Farmer responds to "Thank You" campaign

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Sound Consumer | March 2002

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

Farmland Fund highlights

David A. Heitmiller and Jacqueline Blix, authors of Getting a Life (Penguin, 1999) write: "We commit 97 percent of the net proceeds from our book to causes that support the environment, social justice and sustainable lifestyles. We are pleased to enclose a check for $1,000 to your organization to help carry out the good work you are doing."

A donor who wishes to remain anonymous made her gift in the names of Pablo and Pierre Cat. She contributed her cat-sitting income in honor of her two feline charges.

Did you know? More than 85 percent of the fruits and vegetables produced in this country in the past decade were hand harvested and/or cultivated (source: USDA). "Growing Solutions, The Food Alliance Newsletter, September 2001

Omega Nutrition supports the Farmland Fund
Omega Nutrition offers unrefined, certified organic flax seed oil. According to President Bob Walberg, "We developed our proprietary omegaflo® process to protect the delicate essential fatty acids from excessive heat, light and oxygen during processing and bottling. With continuing research and development, we now offer a full range of unrefined certified organic oils and other nutritional supplements."

Omega Nutrition logo

Omega's commitment to environmental protection started in the company's own backyard. In 1993 Omega transformed more than 60 percent of their five acres into a native wetland, planting thousands of native trees and shrubs in the northern Washington location. The Wetland Project, currently in its eighth year, has been remarkably successful in attracting blue herons, wood ducks and many other forms of wildlife to the area.

"Omega Nutrition is proud to donate to PCC's Farmland Fund," says Walberg. "We encourage everyone who can to do the same. Preserving organic farmland is a great cause with long-term benefits that will help pave the road to a healthy future for all of us." For more information on Omega Nutrition, please visit their website, www.omeganutrition.com

Badger Mountain Vineyards gives to the Farmland Fund
50 cents from every purchase of their NSA (no sulfites added) wine sold at PCC during March and April

Badger Mountain logo

Badger Mountain Vineyard's commitment to organic viticulture — the cultivation of grapes — begins with a basic concern for the land and extends to providing a more healthful product for their customers. "We balance tradition and technology to produce an array of classic wines, including wines with no added sulfites (preservatives)," says owner Bill Powers.

The certified organic estate vineyard is located on the south-facing slope of Badger Mountain in the famous Columbia Valley, Washington State's finest viticultural area. The climate is well suited for growing world-class vinifera grapes, with weeks of 85 to 95 degree daytime temperatures during the summer, cool nights, and winters cold enough to control many vineyard pests.

Powers continues, "The Farmland Fund is a natural match for us. We want to show that organic farming is a viable option, not just for the backyard farmer, but also for the bigger farms and vineyards. This is the way it used to be done and it's better for our neighbors and community. We all have seen beautiful farms fall prey to urban sprawl. The Farmland Fund is a step in the right direction."

Letter from Rent's Due Ranch

January 7, 2002

Hello Jody,

It was just a few weeks ago that I talked to Joe Hardiman (PCC's Produce Merchandiser), letting him know that it was our last delivery and to have a great holiday. The snow geese are flying in by the hundreds, the blue herons are hanging out in our fields, the ducks are feeding on the corn we left behind and the Canadian honkers are sounding off as they fly by — all signs that the dark days of winter are upon us. I do so look forward to this time of year.

Just as we think the season to kick back a little is near, the mail lady starts bringing seed catalogs, information on upcoming farm meetings that need attending and notices from the government of bookkeeping they'd like us to do for them. The holes in the driveway have gotten too big to drive around and are screaming for repair. The greenhouses need cleaning out, fixing up and readying to start up in the next few weeks. The barn has to be picked up and organized. Equipment needs to be cleaned and repaired. Inventory must be gone through and reordered. Contacts for this season's customers have to be called, etc., etc. At this point, we wonder why we are doing this.

When the overwhelming feeling came over me, I looked down at the corner of my desk at this incredible stack of thank you cards and well wishes from you and so many grateful customers. There it is, the inspiration to get up and do it again. To be soldiers for a healthier tomorrow.

So we/I say to all these thank you's — back at you. Thank you to all the folks in the produce department at PCC who buy our produce to fill their shelves, all the mercantile/garden people who buy our greenhouse products to put on racks that adorn the PCC storefronts, to you and everyone else at PCC who keep the machine running and to all the customers who shop and purchase our product at PCC. We would not be able to sustain our family farm another year without your support.

We are looking forward to another successful year in 2002 and hope the New Year is peaceful and happy for all. Again, thank you for all your support!

Gratefully yours,
JoanE, Mike and the whole Rent's Due Crew

Rent's Due Ranch, near Stanwood, is owned and operated by Michael Shriver and JoanE McIntyre along with their four children.

Donor Roster (January 1 -31)
Anonymous: 8
Martha J. Adams
Nan Beech/Paul Buzzo Robert Carroll
Barbara Chin
Betsy Davis
Gloria Derbawka
Don DeSantis
The Dick Family
Jim and Therese Cushing
Brent Ewing and Kelly Sanderbeck
Richard Hargreaves
Mary Jane Helmann
Betsy Hoffmeister
Irene Holroyd
John S. Jamison
Jayne Kaiko
Virginia Kelley
Marilyn Lewis
Laura Martin
Glen McCarthy
Hope L. McCourt and Michael Ostrogorsky
Joan Michaels
Mark and Dunja Ruljancich
Alexandra Stone
Nancy and Mark Tucker
Nancy J. Waligory
Lisa Lyle Weeks
Duane and Bert White

PCC staff:
More than one hundred PCC staff members make voluntary payroll deductions twice a month. Chuck Davies increased his starting in January.

In honor:
The Beach and Buzzo Families

Businesses and Organizations:
Boeing Gift Matching Program
Buck & Gordon LLP
Natural Factors
Small Changes

The PCC Farmland Fund works to secure and preserve threatened farmland in Washington State and move it into organic production. For more information, see the PCC Farmland Fund.

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