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July 2002

Strawberries. Image with 'Paint Your Table', July 2002 Sound Consumer

Paint your table

by Karen McGeorge Sanders

Recent research and books such as "The Color Code" emphasize the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables from the spectrum of produce colors. Nearly all fruits and vegetables are loaded with health-promoting properties attributed to natural plant compounds called phyto-chemicals. The benefits of eating many plant-based colors in your diet is considerable. Includes Pigmented phytochemicals quick reference.

These summer days ... food bank needs increase

PCC partner food banks are reporting an increase in food bank clients since last fall. Job layoffs, a tighter employment market, and increasing food costs are affecting the food security of many families.

Walter J. Crinnion, N.D.

Protecting our children and ourselves


by Walter J. Crinnion N.D.

People tend to think about themselves as not being toxic, possibly because of their healthy living habits, or just because toxicity always happens to someone else. Unfortunately this is not the case as one of my long-time friends recently stated after having her blood, urine and fat tested for toxicity ... Also included: Food roulette?, by Goldie Caughlan.

Farms and farmers: with liberty and justice for all

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

Back in 1776 it was small family farmers who started our Revolutionary War for independence from Britain. The Minutemen standing on that little bridge near Concord were more concerned about crops and survival than they were about politics. But a moment came when their sense of justice was so offended that they banded together and put their lives on the line. There's a grassroots movement afoot in our country today to protect our homeland, but in a different way. See also in this article: Cascade Harvest Coalition, Letters to the Farmland Fund, and the Donor List (May 1 - 31).

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