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Celebrate Organic Harvest: help save threatened farmland

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Sound Consumer | September 2002

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

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Honor organic farming during September and then extend the festivities into October by enjoying Western Washington's Harvest Celebration Day. Harvest Day falls on Saturday, October 5 this year, with events in twelve participating counties. For information, visit the Cascade Harvest Coalition's website at www.cascadeharvest.org.

Our own Nash Huber began this annual celebration in April of 1996, when he opened his fields to the public. The success of that first Farm Day inspired other farmers, supportive individuals, and the local newspaper, the Sequim Gazette. The following autumn, five farms participated in a countywide Farm Day on the first week-end in October. The rest is history: in 2001 nearly 16,000 people took part in these celebrations all over Western Washington.

Nash's farmstand is at 1865 E Anderson Road, northwest of Sequim — just up the road from his operation on our Delta Farm. For a map and directions, visit his website at www.nashsproduce.com. Celebrate the harvest on October 5th and introduce yourself to Nash and his crew. They'll help you meet the beautiful fertile land we've saved for organic farming forever.

ShoreBank Pacific logo

The nation's first and only environmental bank, based here in Washington, is helping the PCC Farmland Fund save another farm. ShoreBank Pacific has made a $100,000 loan to the Farmland Fund to help speed purchase of an agricultural conservation easement on the Shipley Fields, 40 acres of rich alluvial soil threatened by residential development.

"We believe that long-term community prosperity goes hand-in-hand with a healthy environment," says Davis Golding, the bank's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

ShoreBank was formed in 1997 as a joint project of Shorebank Corp., Chicago, the nation's oldest community development bank, and Ecotrust, an environmental non-profit. It is first and foremost a bank providing a wide array of services — money markets, Certificates of Deposit, IRAs, savings, and anything a small business or non-profit might need. Deposits are FDIC insured.

Based in Ilwaco, Washington, it lends to businesses and non-profits committed to improving their fiscal performance and environmental footprint. The bank also provides information on conservation improvements that can increase the value of the borrower's business, such as energy efficiency, conservation, and planning for the long term.

Bank scientist Kathleeen Sayce says, "Few businesses are as fiscally competitive or as efficient about energy as possible, so it is here, in the transition zone between 'business as usual' and a sustainable economy that we work. This is slow, difficult, detail-intensive work, yet it is here that foundational, lasting change can be accomplished."

The bank lends money from its Eco-Deposits® program. "EcoDeposits are FDIC-insured investments that earn interest like a savings account," explains Laurie Landeros, EcoDeposits manager. "The difference is that your deposits help fund loans to businesses that are working toward sustainability."

Loans have supported certified sustainably harvested timber and furniture, pollution prevention, water treatment, environmentally friendly paints, "greener" plywood, an organic dairy and a small-scale organic farm, fish-friendly hydropower, and affordable housing. To track progress, clients and loans are reviewed by Sayce, who developed a scoring system that evaluates each loan and tracks changes in operations and practices from year to year.

ShoreBank Pacific has depositors from 44 states. It hopes to grow enough to be able to offer checking and home mortgages.

ShoreBank Pacific headquarters
203 Howerton Way SE, Ilwaco, WA 98624
888-326-2265, www.eco-bank.com

Organically Grown Company (OGC) was formed by a group of gardeners, small-scale farmers and environmental activists in 1978 as a support organization for Oregon's organic farmers. Since 1982 OGC has served as the Northwest's largest wholesaler of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

As a business created by farmers, OGC continues to work closely with Northwest growers to supply local communities with high-quality produce. Our own LADYBUG brand, "the Northwest's finest organically grown fruits and vegetables," represents the efforts of more than three dozen regional farms located in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia who supply us with more than 150 fruits and vegetables in season.

Our commitment to the development of organic agriculture is furthered by our "giving committee," which focuses on funding organizations involved in organic foods and land use issues.

OGC is pleased to support the PCC Farmland Fund. We consider our support a long-term commitment to the preservation of farmland in Washington State. As a grower and employee-owned business dedicated to "promoting health through certified organic agriculture," we encourage you to join in the Farmland Fund's efforts to protect organic farmland and support the people who nourish us. — David Lively, OGC, www.organicgrown.com

Farmland Fund Highlights

On the Farmland Fund's third birthday

Land for organic farming and wildlife
Livelihood for farmers and farm communities
Local, fresh organic produce
Loyalty between the people who grow
the food and the people who eat it

In celebration of National Organic Month, Newman's Own Organics will donate to the Farmland Fund $1 for every case PCC purchases of its pretzels, Fig Newmans, Newman O's, Popcorn, and 1.2 oz Chocolate Bars during the month of September.

Donor Roster (July 1 – 31)
Anonymous: 24
Cedar Acosta
Judith Adams
Miki Adams
Barbara Culbertson Allen
Andrea Borning
Rebecca Brinkley
Kathy and Wally Bubelis
Cynthia Burton
Kay and Carrie Byron
Gretchen E.H. Chambers
Barry Chernick
Arden Clise and Eric Mamroth
Tim and Nancy Crain
Carol Curtis
Dianne Dailey
Melissa A. Dayka
Joy A. Dillon
Kay Doolittle
Ruth S. Dunlop
Linda Ellsworth
Jennifer and Jeff Ernst
Nancy Felton
Cheryl D. Fleming
Polly Freeman
Jenny Getchell-Durante
G.M. Green
Larry Durante
Ray M. Gwinn
Mary Jane Helmann
Susan E. Hilliard
Diane Horn
Pamela J. Hughes
Peggy C. Hughes
Petra Huntington
Barbara Jeniker
Janine Jijina
Ann Kashiwa
Elisabeth D. Knapp
Joan Kobayashi
Lauren Kuehne
Rick Kunz and Laura Plath
Dana Lancaster
Frank Langer
Ronald Long
Kathleen Lowe and Vic Harris
Bartholda Manderville
Don and Susie Marshall
Colleen McShane and David Batchelder
Leinaala Mitchell
Bil Moorhead and Margo Leishman
Bruce Naftaly
Virginia Nelson
Merry O'Brien
Kathy O'Connor
Judy O'Malley
Patti Pitcherv Michael Popiwny
Lin Rose
Kathryn and Gerard Rubinkowski
Janet Silver
Dee Simmons
Rabbis Beth and Jonathan Singer
Marjorie Smith
Patricia Sommer
Elene Soudas
Steffan Soule
Elaine V. Stannard
Chantal Stevens and Dennis Wajda
Lisa Strandin
Robin Supplee and Mike Derzon
George and Kim Suyama
Barb Swan
Kathy Trani
Mark and Nancy Tucker
Hans Van Dusen
Jeff Voltz
Jeriene Walberg
Judith Waller
Carrie West and Greg Baker
Mary J. White
Nancy Whitney
S. Anne Willard
Stanley Willard
Monica Willer-Capps
Jen Williams
Caryn and Matt Woodward
Sadie Yamasaki
Sally Yamasaki

PCC staff:
More than 100 PCC staff members make voluntary payroll deductions twice a month. Kibby Bowen began hers; Jody Aliesan, Stephanie Steiner and Eva Vinson made additional gifts; Wayne Cormier, Kathy Huet and Scott Owen contributed their customer service bonuses and Jennifer Gordon donated her PCC anniversary gift.

In living honor:
Penelope Hannah Guy
Anne and Harry Kirschner
Dr. Janette D. Sherma

In loving memory:
Mary Porteous

Businesses and Organizations:
Badger Mountain Vineyards
Cougar Mountain Baking Company
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
Good Nature Publishing Company
Kettle Foods
Mountain People's Warehouse/United Natural Foods
Organic Valley
OGC/Ladybug Produce
Peg Ferm Design
TalkingRain Beverage Co.
Tony's Coffees and Teas

The PCC Farmland Fund works to secure and preserve threatened farmland in Washington State and move it into organic production. For more information, see the PCC Farmland Fund.

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