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March 2003

The scoop on organic fertilizer

Some "organic" fertilizers contain undisclosed hazardous chemicals from industry waste, mining or other contaminated sources.

Home fertilizer choices

by Philip Dickey, PhD, Washington Toxics Coalition

Hazardous waste in fertilizer is an important issue and one that needs to be better addressed by federal and state agencies. For the home gardener, however, choosing fertilizers on the basis of their metal content alone can lead to poor product choices; some of the products with the lowest metal levels are some of the least appropriate for lawns and gardens.

PCC's Cash for the Hungry program: 15 years feeding the hungry

It's a simple process, really. PCC shoppers make cash donations at the check stand, and PCC Natural Markets uses it to buy bulk food in 10-50 pound bags at wholesale prices ... the packaged food is [then] distributed to those in need ... What is remarkable about this process isn't its simplicity, but how well it works.

Stress — and a remedy

by Robert Simon Siegel, MS

Physicians see stress destroy health daily. More than 75 percent of all doctor visits are now stress-related (American Institute of Stress).

PCC Farmland Fund partners to save a third farm

The Farmland Fund is acting to save a third farm from development by making a one-year $10,000 challenge grant to a school community working to save farmland.

PCC Farmland Fund logo

The Farmland Fund in community

Article includes information about the 3rd farm saved by the Farmland Fund, the Fund's work as consultant, educator and advocate for organic farmers and for organic and sustainable agriculture, recent highlights and activities, and the Donor Roster for January 1 – 31, 2003.

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