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Sound Consumer | March 2003

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

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(March 2003) — The PCC Farmland Fund is known for saving threatened farmland from development and keeping it in organic production. Since its inception in 1999, the Fund has participated in protecting three farms totaling more than 200 acres.

Sunfield Farm
The Farmland Fund is acting to help save a third farm from development by making a one-year $10,000 challenge grant to Sunfield, a Waldorf school community working to preserve an 83-acre farm south of Port Townsend.
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What may not be as well known is the Fund's work as consultant, educator and advocate for organic farmers and for organic and sustainable agriculture.

During 2002 the Farmland Fund:

man and son
Sam McCullough, with Guido in his arms and Lucy underfoot, prepares to bury shredded mortgage documents after donors retired the debt on the Delta Farm.

Speaking engagements, interviews with reporters and students, and participation in studies of land trusts and natural resources law offered additional opportunities for the Fund to contribute to our community.

All of this was possible thanks to support for the Farmland Fund from more than 1,200 individuals, families, businesses, foundations and agencies. We are stronger when we work together.

Farmland Fund Highlights

Shipley Fields update
Steffan Sherman's purchase of the Shipley Fields is now underway. Thanks to all who contributed to save this land, the Fund stands ready to begin conservation easement negotiations with him as soon as he holds title.

Donor Roster (January 1 -31)

Anonymous: 6
Michaelene Adams
Barbara Culbertson Allen
Sandra K. Nielsen-Berlin
William C. Berlin
Mackenzie and Martin Brennan
Carolyn Wren Clark
Patrick Daugherty
Kay Doolittle
Cecilia Finnigan
Jonathan Freedman
Karl Gaskill
Karen Cropsy Hardiman
Mary Jane Helmann
Susan Henderson
Barbara Jeniker
Margaret LaJambe
Randy Lee and Mari Hooten Lee
Laura Lipton and David M. Hepp
Ronald Long
Paul and Anna McKee
Robert Messina
Theresa L. Miller
Annie Rolph
Mary L. Ross
Meg A. Ryan
Laurel Sercombe
Cynthia L. Smith
David K. Smith
Patricia Stimac and Kent Buttars
Julie Sullivan
Mark and Nancy Tucke

In honor:
Dennis & Barbara Finnigan
The two "G's" birthdays

In memoriam:
Harry Cropsy

PCC Staff:
More than one hundred PCC staff members make voluntary payroll deductions twice a month. Roxanne Green started her deduction and two anonymous staff increased theirs; Kathy Blackman and Randy Lee made additional gifts. The Community Relations staff held an "open office" and raised $15 each for the Fund and for Cash for the Hungry.

Businesses and Organizations:
Anonymous: 1
Boeing Matching Gifts Program
Good Nature Publishing Company
Nancy's Yogurt/Springfield Creamery
Natural Factors
Northbest Natural Products
Stiebrs Farms: The Egg People
TalkingRain Beverage Company
Wildwood Harvest Foods

The PCC Farmland Fund works to secure and preserve threatened farmland in Washington State and move it into organic production. For more information, see the PCC Farmland Fund.

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