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Sound Consumer | August 2003

An important message to our valued member/owners

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Over the past several months, your PCC Board of Trustees has spent a great deal of time and effort performing a comprehensive review of PCC's bylaws. In doing so, we have held four important objectives in mind:

  1. To ensure that our bylaws fully conform to our Articles of Incorporation and to current Washington State law.
  2. To correct certain inconsistencies and ambiguities in our current bylaws and make them easier to read and understand.
  3. To make our bylaws consistent with our current business environment.
  4. To incorporate the changes already approved by our members in April of 2000 but later voided by the board because of errors or omissions in their presentation.

During its meeting of June 24, 2003, the board of trustees approved the amended bylaws and directed that they be presented to our membership for a vote.

To provide the maximum opportunity for member feedback, we will have the full text of the amended bylaws, a red-line edit showing changes in the old version, and a summary of the changes with the reasons for the changes available for reading or downloading at our Web site (see the link on the homepage at www.pccnaturalmarkets.com) as of August 1. If you don't have web access, you can get these documents at the Information Center of any store.

In the September issue of the Sound Consumer, there will be a special insert dedicated to the proposed bylaw changes. The insert will include the full text of the current bylaws, the proposed amended bylaws, the summary of the changes with the reasons for the changes, and a ballot for members to vote on the proposal. Copies of the current bylaws are available for the asking at all PCC stores, the office and online.

The board of trustees believes that these changes to our bylaws are crucial to the future success of PCC and are in the best interest of our members. We encourage you to study them carefully and to cast your "yes" vote in September.

PCC Board of Trustees

Editor's note: Members who wish to have their feedback on the proposed bylaw amendments included in the September issue of the Sound Consumer, which will contain the voting insert, must submit letters to the editor no later than August 14.

Letters received after August 14 will be considered for the October Sound Consumer, which will be mailed to active members September 27 and available in stores after October 1.

Grand Opening supports community food security

PCC raised nearly $3,000 for the Fremont Public Association's Lettuce Link and Food Security For Children programs at Fremont's grand opening.

PCC Director of Marketing and Membership Laurie Lombard had arranged for 10 percent of sales on the June 28 opening to be donated to the community food programs. Lettuce Link works with local farmers to help provide organic produce to local food banks. The Food Security For Children program provides formula, diapers and food to families in need.

It was a hot day and people on Fremont's new outdoor patio sampled some wonderful barbecue — grilled wild salmon and rib steaks with deli salads and cold Odwalla juice. Architect George Ostrow conducted store tours of Fremont's many eco-friendly features and "green" construction techniques.

Other sustainability projects

One less car challenge

Reduce pollution while making your neighborhood more livable. Take the "One Less Car Challenge," a risk-free way to live with fewer cars and drive less.

Owning fewer cars is easier now that every PCC store has a Flexcar and PCC members get a discounted rate. With more than 100 Flexcars in the region, odds are good that when you need a car, there's one close to where you live or work.

How the "Challenge" works
If your household gives up driving your second (or only) car for one month, you'll get info on how much your car really costs you, tips on how to get around by bus, foot, bike or Flexcar, and these incentives:

Households that sell their car receive:

Limited to Seattle households. The "One Less Car Challenge" is a "Way to go, Seattle!" program. For more information, see www.cityofseattle.net/waytogo or call 206-615-1550.

June board meeting

The board met on June 24. Newly elected board member Kim Norton was seated. The board heard its annual presentation from the co-op's attorney on the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the board. Chantal Stevens was re-elected to her second term as board chair. Reed Schilbach was elected to represent the board on the 2003-2004 nominating committee. The Bylaws Task Force reported on the completion of two of its goals: 1) to review the current bylaws and 2) recommend needed changes. The board voted to present a proposal to the membership this fall to make changes in the bylaws.

The board created the following task forces: Audit, Board Development, CEO, and Member Linkage. The task forces were to report to the board at its July 29 board meeting to outline specific goals and deadlines. The board plans to extend the charters of the existing Bylaws and Sustainability Task Forces.

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