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August 2003

Glass of water and a boy drinking out of a water fountain -- cover artwork for the August 2003 Sound Consumer.

Water — a clearer perspective

by Cameron Woodworth

During this dry month of August, the Sound Consumer examines the state of our water — without which we'd have no agriculture, no food, no life. Water, as important as it is for our food and the planet's well being, is one of those things we often take for granted.

Woman drinking from a bottle of water.

Fluoridation Update (the full report)

by Kay Neth

Fifty-eight years ago, government officials in Grand Rapids, Mich., decided to put something in the water. It was called fluoride, it was a toxic byproduct of the aluminum and fertilizer industries ... dental researchers swore it would transform teeth into a living, gleaming white fortress against tooth decay. Opponents said it would make us sick ...

An important message to our valued member/owners

Over the past several months, your PCC Board of Trustees has spent a great deal of time and effort performing a comprehensive review of PCC's bylaws. In doing so, we have held four important objectives in mind ... During its meeting of June 24, 2003, the board of trustees approved the amended bylaws and directed that they be presented to our membership for a vote. (Also click here for current election information — goes to the membership area)

PCC Farmland Fund logo

Sunfield challenge grant completed! Shipley Fields defense continues

by Jody Aliesan, PCC Farmland Fund President and Operating Officer

This month's article includes: Sunfield Farm and Shipley Fields updates, "Soybeans" verse from the anthology In Praise of Fertile Land, Farmland Fund Highlghts — Seattle Tilth goes to the Delta Farm, and the donor roster for June 1 — 30, 2003.

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