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Celebrate organic harvest!

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Sound Consumer | September 2003

by Jody Aliesan, Director, Farmland Fund

(September 2003) — On the Farmland Fund's fourth birthday we rededicate ourselves to:

Land for organic farming and wildlife
Livelihood for farmers and farm communities
Local, fresh organic produce
Loyalty between the people who grow the food and the people who eat it

Coming up: three visits to the Delta Farm

Sunday, September 7: Weekend Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF!) — Seattle Tilth's Program offers the chance to spend a day on a nearby farm, meet the farmers, tour the fields, and learn something about local agriculture by lending a hand in the day's tasks. On September 7, WWOOF will head out to the Olympic Peninsula and work with Nash Huber and his crew at Dungeness Organic Produce on our Delta Farm — the first farm saved by the Farmland Fund. The cost is $12, or $10 for Tilth and PCC members. Children are welcome with supervising adult. To register, call 206-633-0451.

Saturday, September 13, 2 p.m.: Peninsula on a Platter — Tour of the Delta Farm followed by wine tasting at the Camaraderie Winery in Port Angeles and feast in a secluded home with views of mountains and Straits. Courses: Dungeness oysters, goat cheese salad from Port Madison Farm, winter squash soup from the Delta Farm, salmon from the Elwha Fish Company and truffles by Port Angeles chocolatier Yvonne Yakota, each course paired with Camaraderie and Sorenson wines (Port Townsend). Hosts/Chefs: Bill Bush and Nancy Newman. Six guests, $65 per person, to benefit Sound Experience (www.soundexp.org). To register, call 360-379-0438 or e-mail mail@soundexp.org. For more information, visit www.adventures indining.keepsimple.com.

Saturday, October 4: Western Washington's Harvest Celebration Day — Nash Huber began this annual festival in April of 1996, when he opened his fields to the public. The following autumn, five farms participated in a countywide farm day on the first weekend in October. The rest is history: in 2002 nearly 18,000 people attended events in twelve participating counties. Nash's farmstand is just up the road from the Delta Farm. For a map and directions, visit his Web site at www.nashsproduce.com. For more information, visit the Cascade Harvest Coalition's Web site at www.cascadeharvest.org. Celebrate the harvest with Nash and everyone at Dungeness Organic Produce. Meet the beautiful fertile land we've saved for organic farming forever.

PureAyre™ supports the Farmland Fund

PureAyre logo

by Susan Carskadon, Clean Earth, Inc.

Clean Earth, maker of PureAyre™ Odor Eliminator, is proud to support the Farmland Fund. Ten cents of every purchase of a PureAyre™ product at PCC goes to preserving our state's organic farmlands. We appreciate PCC's creation of the Farmland Fund as well as its support of our mission to provide "food-grade" household solutions for its members.

"Consumers find the cleaning aisle frustrating and confusing. Because there are no federal regulations for labeling any non-food product, people do not know exactly what they are purchasing or what harm might come from various chemicals in the product," explains James Mitchell, president of Clean Earth, Inc.

PureAyre™ is the world's first, all-purpose solution that destroys all odors. It contains no masking agents or cover-ups and works using enzymatic action like papaya works for digestion. Because PureAyre™ is made only from natural food ingredients, it's even safe to spray directly on people and animals for the worst odors — including stubborn skunk and old, dried cat urine.

Mitchell's personal mission is to educate consumers about the dangers of all air, carpet and fabric "fresheners" on the market today. James' own health challenges help him relate to those suffering from chemical inhalant exposure. He knows first-hand how terrifying an experience like that can be.

We all must participate in protecting our earth's renewable resources and limiting our exposure to toxic chemicals. Efforts like the Farmland Fund increase awareness of all things natural, sustainable and healthy. We encourage everyone to support the Fund.

The man born to farming

The grower of trees, the gardener, the man born to farming,
whose hands reach into the ground and sprout,
to him the soil is a divine drug. He enters into death
yearly, and comes back rejoicing. He has seen the light lie down
in the dung heap, and rise again in the corn.
His thought passes along the row ends like a mole.
What miraculous seed has he swallowed
that the unending sentence of his love flows out of his mouth
like a vine clinging in the sunlight, and like water
descending in the dark?


From the anthology In Praise of Fertile Land (Whit Press, 2003) available for $14.95 in PCC Natural Markets. All proceeds benefit the Farmland Fund.

Donor Roster (July 1 — 31, 2003)

Anonymous: 1
Greg & Netta Beyerlein
Trudy Bialic
Julie Bittner
Pam Brauner-Grimes
Michael B. Carrick
M.J. Davidson
Jo Hadlock-King
Mary Jane Helmann
Debra and Bruce Hemingway
Dorothy & Dwight Henderson
Betty H. Hughes
Virginia A. Kelley
William Kreuter
Ronald D. Long
Teresa Lutterman
Kimberly Norton
Sharon Parshall
Kelly Sanderbeck & Brent Ewing
Ann & Don Schaechtel
Oliver & Eileen Seeliger
Norman F. Tjaden
Barbara Tubb
Mark & Nancy Tucker
Sue Williamson

PCC Staff
More than one hundred PCC staff members make voluntary payroll deductions twice a month.

In memory
Stephan Rutkowski

Businesses and Organizations
Choice Organic Teas
Kennedy Associates
TalkingRain Beverage Company
Wildwood Harvest Foods

The PCC Farmland Fund works to secure and preserve threatened farmland in Washington State and move it into organic production. For more information, see the PCC Farmland Fund.

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