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December 2003

Image of people sitting at a table, about to share food, cover artwork for December 2003 Sound Consumer

A season for sharing

by Nancy Schatz Alton

Let the meal become a symbol of the rituals we seek ... When a group of strangers meet for the first time, food binds them together. Place a meal on the table: People not only have something to eat, they have something in common to discuss and share. The table, ideally, becomes a bridge bringing people together.

Stacks of letters collected and sent to lawmakers, during PCC's campaign to label GE foods.

PCC's campaign to label GE foods

Members and other consumers signed an estimated 11,000 letters in support of a law for mandatory labels on genetically engineered (GE) foods.

SUSTAINABILITY profile — Sweeten holiday baking naturally

For most of the year, I can't recollect where the sugar is in my house. Desserts are a special occasion reserved for birthdays and company. But during the holidays, I can't resist the urge to dig out cookie sheets and family recipes ...

Organic restaurant options for when you're out and about

When you're in the market for a meal out, there are lots of organic choices. We've compiled a handy list — some even offer discounts to PCC members

Beyond Cholesterol: Preventing heart disease and strokes

by David Musnick, M.D.

It is important to start risk reduction for heart attacks and strokes at any age. Don't wait for warning signs and symptoms. Checking the cholesterol panel during your yearly exam is only the first step in preventing damage in the vessels of your heart and brain.

PCC Farmland Fund logo

Three-way giving: to your loved ones, to farmland and to yourself

by Jody Aliesan, Director, PCC Farmland Fund

This month's article includes: ways to make a donation and a gift of the Farmland Fund at the same time, Sunfield Farm update, 'Bread' verse from the anthology In Praise of Fertile Land, and the donor roster for October 1 – 31, 2003.

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