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June 2004

Stack of low carb diet books, cover artwork for June 2004 Sound Consumer

The skinny on low carb diets

by Jennifer Lovejoy, Ph.D.

With the huge array of low carb products on the market and an increasing number of low carb diet books, consumers today are bombarded by messages to decrease their carbohydrate intake ... it's important to evaluate the various types based on data, not on media or marketing hype. See also: Low carb foods at PCC.

Seattle Tilth instructor Sherie Dodson shows PCC Board member Alexander Rist the finer points of planting.

Reclaiming our roots through urban farming

by Brian Schaeperkoetter, PCC staff writer

As urban dwellers, how can we reconnect with the land and nurture our knowledge of farming? The answer is simple: start digging dirt.

Hands in dirt

Become a worm farmer: easy food scrap composting

Your environment

by Doug Collins, Seattle Tilth

Composting food waste can be a fun and easy way to be an active environmental steward ... Two easy composting systems for food scraps are food digesters and worm bins.

Salmon swimming

Look for signs to protect salmon from pesticides

In January 2004, Seattle District Judge Coughenour made a landmark ruling that established no-spray zones along salmon streams to protect salmon from pesticides ... Environmental and fishing groups, however, have found the pesticide industry has failed to carry out the judge's order effectively.

Cave, cellar, chais, garage - Mark McNeilly in his milieu.

Mark Ryan Winery

Producer profile

by Jeff Cox, PCC Beer and Wine Merchandiser

Where do winemakers come from? I mean, if you think about it, winemaking isn't something the average Jill or Joe considers as a career option ... For Mark McNeilly, owner/winemaker of Mark Ryan Winery, it was a bottle of Bordeaux, a 1990 Les Forts de Latour that ignited his desire to make wine.

PCC Farmland Fund logo

Honor your dad: help save farmland

by Jody Aliesan, Director, PCC Farmland Fund

This month's report includes: An excerpt from In Praise of Fertile Land — "Man on a Tractor Far Away," Big Sky Brewing in-store product donation during May, Bennington Place update, Farmland fund T-shirts and the donor roster for April 1 – 30, 2004.

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